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Shopping for Thermometers 

Thermometers are an essential in any household, and this article will take you through the types, features, prices and lastly where to get them. 

Where can I get the best quality thermometers?

Short Answer: The best quality thermometers are available online and at your local pharmacy. 

  • It is important to note the quality of the thermometers will vary with price range
  • There are many types, which depend on the functionality 
  • Features have advanced considerably

Types of Thermometers 

Thermometers have been available for decades now, and are a lot different than what they used to be.

Let’s take a look at the types of thermometers that are available for convenient purchase.

  • Ear thermometer
  • Non-contact digital thermometer 
  • Stick thermometer 
  • Mercury thermometer

Ear thermometer 

Used for children and adults both, it is a hand held device used to check the temperature of an eardrum.

It is child approved mostly because it is noninvasive. Other advantages are:

  • Instant temperature check 
  • Small and compact 
  • Easily available
  • Gentle to use

Additionally the thermometer is easy to read, and can switch from fahrenheit to celsius. 

Non-contact digital thermometer

These thermometers measure body temperature and were in high demand when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, and it was constantly in and out of stock. 

They became popular during this time because:

  • Are suitable for all ages 
  • Hygienic 
  • No body contact
  •  Quick results

This thermometer caused a lot of the community to pay more than they usually would because of the demand it gained in 2020. 

Stick thermometer

Having a clear display of the temperature is very important, and a stick thermometer has exactly that, and more. 

The thermometer is very straightforward to use, can be used:

  • Orally
  • Rectal 
  • Axillary

Chances of an infection happening will be lesser once body temperature is checked.

Mercury thermometer 

The traditional thermometer has always been a trusted and reliable option, in comparison to the common digital thermometer we all use now. 

Well, here are a few reasons as to why they are the preferred choice:

  • Does not need battery 
  • Affordable 
  • Can measure very high temperatures

Does not need battery 

One of the main advantages in an ordinary thermometer like this is not having to constantly buy batteries, which is the case with a digital thermometer. 

These thermometers are way more durable and will not break as easily as a digital thermometer would.


When it comes to affordability, mercury thermometers are the perfect choice for anyone. 

Since it is affordable, it is easily accessible as well, an important point to remember.

Can measure very high temperatures 

Since mercury is a great heat conductor, it can measure very high temperatures easily. 

It is ideal for high fevers, for children and adults alike.


Features of a good thermometer 

Features of a good thermometer vary depending on the type, but there are general features. 

You will need to look out for the following features when buying one:

  • Display 
  • Accuracy 
  • High thermal capacity
  • High sensitivity

These features may be general, but they are important enough to note down for reference. 


When checking for high temperatures the first thing we look at is the display, whether it is high or low.

Visibility in the display is very important. If it is difficult to see what the temperature is, that's not a good sign for a thermometer.


The thermometer will have to be accurate, if not there is a possibility of unnecessary trips to a hospital emergency room. 

Accuracy will depend on whether it is a digital, infrared or mercury thermometer.

High thermal capacity 

This means the amount of thermal energy that is absorbed by an object to raise its own temperature. 

If there is low thermal capacity, the readings may be false because the thermometer bulb has expanded at a high temperature.

High sensitivity

A thermometer having high sensitivity is when it will detect even the slightest temperature change.

It is important to note that it detects the smallest change, not how quickly it detects it. 

Prices of thermometers in AUD

There are no shortages of thermometers in Australia, and just like anywhere else in the world the prices of thermometers vary depending on the type and where it will be used.

The price ranges from AUD 10 to AUD 100. Again, this will be due to the make and features of the thermometer. 

A digital thermometer is expensive, and will be quite the investment. There are various makes of these thermometers as well, such as:

  • Scanning 
  • Ear and head 
  • Touch free 
  • Multi-functional

The quality of the thermometer will have a massive impact on how it is priced too, and those will be well above 100 USD. 

Thermometers that are very basic with less features will be the most affordable choice, costing less than 10 or 20 USD. 

You have the option of purchasing these thermometers when they are on sale as well, making it worth every cent.

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 Where can I get a good quality thermometer?

When it comes to a thermometer, good quality one that is durable, reliable and easy to use. 

Thermometers are available to purchase online, which is convenient for most people as they will be purchasing it in the comfort of their own home. 

Others will prefer to physically go to their nearest medical store, and experience the process of selecting a good quality thermometer. 

This is because some people prefer to buy an item in person, since they know it will be the correct one.

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Related Questions:

What is the main use of a thermometer?

A thermometer does not have just one main use, it has many uses - it will either range from the below:

  • Checking body temperature
  • Checking food temperature 
  • Checking air temperatures
  • Checking body temperature
  • Thermometers have always been a reliable method of checking a person’s body temperature, when they are experiencing high fever. 

    It has been recommended to be used when checking the temperature of a baby, a child and adults.

  • Checking food temperature 
  • Aside from body temperatures, ‘Food Thermometers’ are used in kitchens too.

    Checking whether the food has reached a high enough temperature to eradicate foodborne bacteria is an important feature. 

    It is also used to measure food that will take a long time to cook, either slow cooked chicken or beef for example.

  • Checking Air temperature
  • Air temperature is measured accurately by thermometers that are placed out at sea and land as well. 

    Room temperature thermometers are very common too, and with technological advances temperatures can be accessed from phone apps.

Is a digital thermometer better than a traditional thermometer? 

A popular debate when it comes to thermometers, many have been questioning the reliability of digital thermometers. 

Most people would generally prefer a traditional thermometer as the results are swift and no batteries are needed, which I previously mentioned. 

But it is impossible to specify which is better, since both the thermometers have their drawbacks, too. 

Having to constantly replace batteries for the digital thermometer will become problematic at some point. 

There is a higher chance it could break within a short amount of time, making traditional mercury thermometers the sustainable option for everyone.


I hope you found this detailed article about thermometers useful!

You will now know what types of thermometers are available and their price range too.


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