Survival Emergency Solutions is a leading innovator in first aid emergency solutions. Founded in 1988 by twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell in response to personal tragedy, Survival’s mission is to offer safety and security to every individual around the globe.

Beginning 30 years ago with an First Aid Emergency Handbook – which won an Australian Design Award and has sold more than two million copies worldwide – Survival has since developed a full range of pioneering first aid products and recently released the latest version of its iFirstAid app.

Over the past three decades, Survival has given away more than 50,000 First Aid KITs and educated countless individuals in proper first aid practices to support its mission of creating a safer world for us all.

Jerry Tyrrell

Founder | Product R&D

As SURVIVAL’s co-founder, Jerry has devoted the past three decades to making people’s lives safer through first aid innovation.

In his creative role, Jerry has been able to harness his passion for translating complex concepts into universally accessible information.

An innovator at heart, Jerry’s unique skills, experience and know-how is at the core of SURVIVAL’s latest offering – SURVIVAL TOOLS.

Providing comprehensive guidance on a range of topics including property, construction and safety, SURVIVAL TOOLS distils industry regulations and best practice into simple and easily understandable formats.

Tim Tyrrell

Founder | Product Innovation

One half of SURVIVAL’s dynamic founding duo, Tim Tyrrell brings the strategic mind, razor-sharp focus and analytical brilliance to all of SURVIVAL’s safety solutions.

With degrees in commerce, law, information systems and building, Tim uses his wide-ranging expertise to transform out-of-the-box ideas into reality.  

Our ever-popular FREE iFirstAid app - of which Tim was the pioneer - follows the huge success of the First Aid Emergency Handbook, a ground-breaking resource which has sold more than two million copies worldwide.  

Tim’s enduring passion for high-quality, easy-to-use first aid solutions mean only the best products make it through SURVIVAL’s rigorous product testing processes and into your hands.  

Mike Tyrrell


Mike is SURVIVAL’s hard-working, adventurous and dynamic CEO, and he knows first-hand the importance of having a trusted First Aid KIT in the home, car, at work or when travelling.

Having survived the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand, he understands that you never really know what’s waiting around the corner.

It’s driven him to carry on his family’s vision of providing high-quality safety products to individuals and families across the globe.

As a loving husband and devoted dad to some of the newest generation of Team SURVIVAL, Michael’s passion for health, safety and family continues to grow every day.

Jordan Green

Director of Marketing & IT

As our Marketing and IT Director, Jordan is responsible for spreading the good word about SURVIVAL’s huge range of innovative first aid products.

A health and fitness fanatic and life-long friend of Mike’s, Jordan formally joined the team back in 2013… and he’s been helping Team SURVIVAL to kick major goals ever since.

With a background in web design, web development and online marketing, Jordan’s long been passionate about showcasing the quality of these products across the country.

Now, he’s on a mission to ensure SURVIVAL goes global!

SURVIVAL is used by

Brave Wilderness

We know that accidents happen. What we don't know is when they will occur as we never truly know what is around the corner. Millions of our customers have prepared their homes, workplace, family car, work vehicles, 4WD's, boats and caravans, whilst many more won't leave home for an outdoors adventure without one of our portable first aid kits. We certainly don't leave home without one and we want to make sure that everyone else worldwide has an opportunity to be as best prepared as possible for an emergency.