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Our Emergency First Aid eBook will empower you to:

  • Learn correct first aid treatment for CPR, choking, wound care, snake bite + many other topics.
  • Potentially save the life of a loved one.
  • Pass your CPR and Apply First Aid Course.

+ much more!


Our FREE eBook will help you keep calm in an emergency and empower you to make a positive difference!

Would you be able to perform CPR on an Adult, Child or Baby?

Our eBook provides separate topics for resuscitation to be performed on an adult, child or baby.

Would you be able to help an employee or colleague at work or on a jobsite?

Feel empowered knowing that you'll be able to make a difference in helping others in a time of need.

How would you feel if you didn't know how to perform first aid on your child?

The First Aid Emergency eBook provides  a quick summary of first aid for a range of every day emergencies.


Learn first aid for a range of everyday emergencies for home, work, sport or recreation

Learn resuscitation guidelines for an adult, child and baby

Empower yourself and potentially save a life of a loved one or stranger


Brilliant resource to complement first aid kit and skills

These books are great and are an asset to have in the home or car, easy to use with the quick reference tabs so you don't have to go searching for the relevant information when the seconds count, easy to follow instructions with pictures for reference, the magnet is also handy and strong to allow the book to be stuck to a prominent place in the hoRead more about review stating Brilliant resource to complement first aid kit and skillsme or workplace.

Hall S - Verified Buyer
First Aid Emergency Handbook

Great handbook

"Very pleased with this handbook. The magnet works excellent on it, so we keep a copy on the fridge for easy access. As a quick reference guide, it is super useful and makes us feel much more secure at home."

William M, Verified Buyer
First Aid Emergency Handbook

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