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Saltwater Veterans fundraising with Survival

Fundraise With SURVIVAL

Cash back for your school, club or charity.

Is your school, organisation, club, or charity searching for a refreshing way to fundraise? 

SURVIVAL's Fundraising Program is an innovative cash return initiative. By participating, you're opening the door to generous revenue rewards, helping you reach your goals. But that's not all.

Imagine a fundraising experience where every purchase contributes to your cause and promotes community safety. That's the essence of fundraising with SURVIVAL – it's about making a lasting impact, one that goes beyond financial gains.

Join us in spreading preparedness and achieving your fundraising aspirations. With SURVIVAL, your fundraiser could have the potential to save a life.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

  • 1. Promote Your Fundraiser

    Let your community members know about your fundraiser with marketing and messaging that we provide you. 

  • 2. We Send The Products

    When your supporters make a purchase on your dedicated fundraising page, we'll dispatch their products within 48 hours.

  • 3. Watch Your Tally Grow!

    Keep spruiking your fundraiser, and watch as your tally grows with every purchase made.

Frequently Asked Questions

SURVIVAL Fundraising Program

How does the SURVIVAL Fundraising Program work?

The SURVIVAL Fundraising Program operates as a cash reward initiative, providing participants with generous revenue rewards.

Here's how it works: When your supporters buy qualifying First Aid KITs, not only do they receive a 15% discount, you'll receive 15% of the proceeds. You'll have the flexibility to allocate the funds as per your fundraising goals.  

Who is eligible to join the Program?

The SURVIVAL Fundraising Program welcomes participation from schools, clubs, associations, organisations, community groups, non-profits, and charities.

Ready to kickstart your journey? Click the link below to indicate your interest in becoming a SURVIVAL Fundraising Program participant:

How do I participate in the Program?

  1. Express Your Interest (EOI): Kickstart the process by submitting your interest in the SURVIVAL Fundraising Program.
  2. Acceptance Confirmation: Await confirmation of your acceptance into the program. Once accepted, you'll be asked to fill out the Fundraising Onboarding Form to help set up your unique fundraising page tailored to your campaign goals and mission.
  3. Receive Custom Fundraising Page: As soon as your page is ready, you'll get a custom QR Code and page URL— both shareable and leading supporters directly to your fundraising page.
  4. Launch Your Fundraiser: Your fundraising campaign is now live! Spread the word, encourage KIT sales, and watch your rewards accumulate.
  5. Guidance and Assistance: The SURVIVAL Fundraising Lead is here to assist and guide you throughout the live event.
  6. Post-Campaign Payout: After your fundraising campaign concludes, the funds raised on behalf of your cause will be deposited into your nominated bank account.
  7. Provide Feedback: We'd love to hear about your experience. Share your thoughts through a quick exit survey, helping us improve the fundraising process and experience.
  8. Refer for Exclusive Offer: Loved your fundraising results? Refer to the SURVIVAL Fundraising Program and receive an additional exclusive offer(subject to change).

Fundraising Page / Portal

How do we customise our fundraising page?

The process is designed to be straightforward and personalised.

Submission of Branding Assets: Upon acceptance into the SURVIVAL Fundraising Program, you'll provide your logo and a few impactful images that represent your organisation. These visuals will be displayed on your fundraising page, adding identity and personalisation to your campaign.

Goal and Purpose Details: Share your fundraising goals and the purpose behind your charitable efforts. This information helps tailor your page to resonate with your audience.

Page Design by SURVIVAL: Our team will take the submitted branding assets and details of your goals to craft a custom fundraising page. This page serves as the online hub for your fundraising event, showcasing your mission, objectives, and the impact supporters can make.

Receipt of Dedicated QR Code and Page URL: Once the page design is complete, you'll receive a dedicated QR code and URL. These unique assets are specifically tied to your fundraising campaign, making it easy for supporters to connect with your cause and make purchases.

Share with Your Community: Now comes the exciting part – sharing your campaign with the world! Distribute the QR code and URL across your community, including social media, newsletters, and any other channels where your supporters gather. This step is crucial in expanding your reach and engaging potential supporters of your cause.

Contributions to Your Goal: Every purchase made through the provided link contributes directly to your fundraising goal.

I Need Help Crafting Compelling Fundraising Page Content!

Don't worry, we've got you covered! If you're unsure about what to put on your fundraising page, SURVIVAL is here to help. Our Fundraising Program Lead is ready to assist you in crafting compelling content.

Whether it's clarifying your fundraising goals or penning down words that inspire action, we're here to ensure your page resonates with your audience.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible support for success, and we're more than willing to collaborate with you to create impactful copy that effectively communicates your fundraising cause and objectives. Together, we can make your fundraising campaign a resounding success!

When and how can our supporters purchase eligible First Aid KITs?

When: Let's collaborate to pinpoint the perfect moment to launch your fundraising event*.

How: After we've crafted your fundraising page, distribute the URL and QR Code within your community, and beyond. Supporters can seamlessly explore, view, and purchase products using our straightforward checkout system.

And remember – for the discount and to contribute toward your fundraising goals, your supporters should exclusively use the fundraising URL, discount code or dedicated QR link.

*Important Note: Survival conducts specialised sale periods throughout the year, during which the Fundraising Program won't be available. Fundraising campaign start and end dates are at the discretion of SURVIVAL. Please refer to the table below for blackout dates.

How do we keep track of the fundraising efforts?

Your fundraising page allows you and your supporters to see the fundraising tally in real-time. Simply visit the page at any time during the active phase of your campaign to view the current tally.

What happens if individuals mistakenly buy First Aid KITs through the SURVIVAL Website instead of our fundraiser page?

For maximum revenue and to access supporter discounts, it's crucial that your community exclusively utilises the dedicated fundraising page to make their First Aid KIT purchases.

Access this page using the custom fundraising page URL provided by SURVIVAL.

Unfortunately, purchases made through the main Survival Website or any other link cannot be accounted for in the fundraising tally. This is because we've established a dedicated channel to guarantee accurate capturing of all fundraising efforts, aligning with the terms of the Fundraising agreement.

We'd love it if a SURVIVAL representative could discuss the SURVIVAL Fundraising Program in person with our P&C, fundraising team, or club representative. Is this possible? Will you bring First Aid KITs to show us?

We would be delighted to discuss Program opportunities and exhibit our products, and the safety advantages that they can offer.

Feel free to contact the Fundraising Program Lead at to coordinate a time that suits everyone.

First Aid KIT Selections

Does the Program provide access to the complete SURVIVAL product line-up?

While our SURVIVAL product range is extensive and diverse, offering open access to all products wouldn't allow us to offer you and your supporters the best possible value.

Our commitment is to promote preparedness and safeguard our community through our innovative First Aid KITs. To ensure the most impactful fundraising experience, we've thoughtfully curated an exclusive collection of First Aid KITs and accessories.

These selections are designed to impress your supporters and equip them for emergencies during various life adventures.

What sets apart the Work & Family First Aid KITs, they look the same to me.

Both KITs share identical outer layers, and contents, but have been given distinct names as they cater to both family and workplace needs.

These KITs are compliant with work health safety (WHS) standards and stand as the most comprehensive offerings in our range.

The Workplace/Family KIT PLUS, comes with additional features including a wall mounting bracket for convenient placement and a copy of our Award-winning First Aid Emergency Handbook.

Is it possible to assemble custom First Aid KIT bundles for our fundraiser?

To optimise your fundraising success and maximise revenue rewards, we have curated a selection of our most popular and comprehensive KITs.

If desired, your supporters can access a single bundle as part of your fundraising package – the SURVIVAL Workplace/Family KIT PLUS. This all-encompassing workplace-compliant First Aid bundle comprises of the following:

- SURVIVAL Workplace/Family First Aid KIT
- Wall display/bracket/mount
- First Aid Emergency Handbook

What is the expiration period for your First Aid KITs?

According to regulations, the expiry date on the KIT's tag must align with the shortest expiry of any component within the KIT.

Notably, the zipped outer is highly robust, boasting extended durability. Individual components, where applicable, feature their own expiry dates.

'Shelf life'refers to the duration during which a component remains suitable for its intended use. Conversely, anexpiry datemarks the end of this shelf life, beyond which certain components, such as medical devices, may not function as intended.

Below are the expiry dates for our KIT components:

Adhesive dressings: 3 years / Combine dressing: 3 years / Conforming bandage: 5 years / Cotton gauze swabs: 3 years / Eye pads: 3 years / Hydrogel: 5 years / Hydrogel dressing: 5 years / Non-adherent wound dressings: 3 years / Saline: 3 years / Skin cleaning wipes: 3 years / Splinter probes: 3 years / Wound closures: 3 years / Wound dressings: 3 years

Payment & Purchasing

What payment methods are accessible to our supporters?

We provide a variety of payment options to cater to your supporters' preferences. They can opt for Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, and ZipPay.

Do you or a supporter require an invoice before making a payment?

Simply send us an email at with the desired products and quantities, and we'll promptly send you an invoice. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 0414 816 496.

Shipping & Delivery

Is shipping and delivery covered in the purchase price?

For orders exceeding $150.00, SURVIVAL provides complimentary shipping/delivery.

In the case of orders below $150.00, standard shipping fees will be applied. The shipping rates are determined by factors such as product weight, delivery location, and the chosen shipping method, such as Express Post.

How soon can our supporters expect to receive their orders?

Typically, orders are processed for dispatch the day following the order placement. Supporters can anticipate receiving their items shortly thereafter.

You can find estimated delivery times on our website or by visiting the Australia Post website. 

Order Concerns

What if our supporters are dissatisfied with their KIT purchase?

We extend the SURVIVAL GUARANTEE to all customers, although it's seldom required.

In the rare event that your supporters are not pleased with their purchase, they can return it within 30 days for a complete refund.

The order is damaged or incorrect. What's the next step?

Regrettably, occasional errors can occur. However, we're committed to promptly correcting any mistakes.

Simply contact us at 0414 816 496 or via email at, providing the order number along with details of the error. We'll take swift action to address the issue.

Fundraising / Revenue Payouts

When will our school or organisation receive the fundraising payout?

Your revenue payout will be transferred to the nominated bank account within 35 business days after the conclusion of your fundraising campaign, the end of the 30-day SURVIVAL GUARANTEE period and receipt of an invoice.

Supporter Details

Will our organisation receive a list of all the supporters?

Respecting and safeguarding customer privacy is a top priority for SURVIVAL.

Unfortunately, your school, organisation, or club won't receive individual supporter details. However, you will have access to a real-time count of the fundraising tally.

We recommend utilising this data during the campaign to boost motivation and inspire supporters to participate actively. The more First Aid KITs purchased, the closer you'll be to achieving your fundraising goals.

Together, we can amplify the"be prepared"message and ensure essential First Aid KITs reach homes and businesses within our community.

First Aid Application

We'd like to learn more about the application of First Aid. Where can we go from here?

Explore the world of First Aid with SURVIVAL!

Continuing our commitment to ensuring everyone feels confident and prepared in emergencies, we offer a series of informative first aid videos.

Visit the SURVIVAL Website to access a fantastic collection of First Aid "How To" Videos.

For quick, step-by-step emergency information at your fingertips, don't forget to download our FREE iFirstAid App.

Want a more personalised touch? We can arrange for a SURVIVAL representative to come to your location, showcasing our innovative First Aid KITs and explaining the benefits. Connect with the SURVIVAL Fundraising Lead at for more details.

Looking for Something Else

Got Questions? Reach Out to us.

Have a question that's not covered here?

No worries! For prompt assistance, we recommend reaching out to our Fundraising Program Lead via email at

If you prefer a call, you can also ring us at +61 414 816 496.

We're committed to providing excellent customer service and are ready to assist you! We're always here to help!