Things to Note When Buying Plastic Face Shields

Plastic face shields became an absolute necessity when the COVID-19 Pandemic struck back in 2019, as it was used for the protection of healthcare workers from the exposure of the virus.

What should I note when buying a plastic face shield?

Short Answer: The structure of the plastic face shield is a very important factor when buying one

  • The durability of the face shield will depend significantly on the material quality
  • The face shield should have a good impact resistance
  • Being able to see clearly through the face shield is another critical aspect
  • It will have to be comfortable to wear as well

Top five plastic shields for COVID

Plastic face shields were very important during the COVID Pandemic, used to protect individuals from airborne particles and droplets. The shields come in different shapes, sizes and materials.

The top five best plastic shields for COVID include:

  • 3M Ratchet Headgear Face Shield 
  • R20 Protective Face Shield 
  • Uvex Bionic Face Shield 
  • Sellstrom Face Shield 
  • Safety Works Face Shields

Let us now dive into an explanation of these face shields.

3M Ratchet Headgear Face Shield

This shield has a clear polycarbonate visor that provides full-face protection. It comes with adjustable headgear that makes it comfortable to wear for long periods.

It has a ratchet system that allows for easy adjustment as well.

R20 Protective Face Shield

These shields are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are made of clear polycarbonate plastic that’s clear and it includes a foam cushion at the forehead for extra comfort.

It can be adjusted to fit accordingly for different head sizes.

Uvex Bionic Face Shield

This shield is made with polycarbonate plastic as well, and has a very clear visor that provides excellent visibility. It has been designed to be balanced for all-day comfort.

One of the important factors is that this face shield is breathable, too.

Sellstrom Face Shield

A standard face shield, it has been specifically designed to naturally fit facial contours. It is a multi-purpose face shield, and provides full-face protection.

It can be worn with or without glasses.

Safety Works Face Shields

A face shield with a crystal clear visor, it is included with a sweat-absorbing brow guard. It is a durable face shield where the visor attaches easily to the frame.

It can be worn the whole day and adjusted based on your comfort.

All these plastic face shields are made out of the polycarbonate material as it is light-weight, impact resistant and durable.

It offers an added layer of protection - this is because when wearing a face mask your eyes are left unprotected, which could be how a sickness enters your body when someone coughs or sneezes.

How durable is a plastic face shield with glasses?

The durability of a plastic face shield with glasses depends on a of factors,

  • Level of care 
  • The design 
  • The quality

Let’s take a look at these points in detail.

Level of care

To ensure the longevity of the shield with glasses, it’s important to follow proper instructions for use and care, such as cleaning the shield regularly with mild soap and water or a disinfectant solution and storing it in a cool, dry place.

Make sure to inspect the plastic face shield often to look out for any signs of wear and tear, and replace it if necessary.

The design

Some plastic face shields have a built-in space or cutout for the glasses, while others may require the glasses to be positioned over the shield.

Either way, it needs to be securely fastened and doesn’t move or shift during use, because if it does not stay in place the glasses could be damaged or dislodged.

The quality

The durability of the plastic face shield will heavily depend on the quality of the material used. The most common material used is polycarbonate, because it has high optical clarity and is impact resistant.

However, sometimes even the best quality face shields can still become damaged or scratched.

Are plastic face shields convenient to use?

Plastic face shields can be convenient in certain situations, but this will definitely depend on the user’s personal needs and preferences.

There are a few advantages when it comes to convenience of plastic face shields:

  • Reusable - Most plastic face shields are designed to be reusable as they can be cleaned and disinfected after use, making them a very sustainable option compared to disposable masks.
  • Full-face protection - Unlike masks that primarily protect the nose and mouth, plastic face shields cover the entire face, including the eyes. This will provide additional protection against harm.
  • Comfortable - Some people may find plastic shields more comfortable to wear than masks, especially if they have difficulty in breathing through a mask or experience irritation from the material.

There are some disadvantages of plastic face shields that we have to consider:

  • Can be bulky - Plastic face shields can be more cumbersome and interfere with some activities, such as eating, drinking, and talking on the phone.
  • Limited filtration - While plastic filters can provide a physical barrier against respiratory droplets, they do not filter the air in the same way that masks do. This means that they are not as effective at preventing airborne viruses and particles.
  • Less secure fit - There is the issue of the shield not fitting as securely as a mask would, which will allow droplets and air to escape through gaps around the edges.

To summarize, plastic shields can be a convenient and effective option for some users, but they are not substitutes for masks. It is still better to practice other preventive measures instead of relying purely on the shield.

Plastic face shields for children and adults

When it comes to selecting a plastic shield for children and adults, there are a few key factors to consider, since children may find it difficult to wear for long periods of time.

The face shield will need to have some sort of attractive feature for children to be interested in wearing it when they need to, which is where colorful designs and graphics come into play - especially when given the choice of design, for example a princess tiara or a cartoon character.

Additionally, these points about children’s face shields need to be remembered:

  • Being appropriately sized
  • Unable to wear adult face shields
  • Protective
  • A secure fit

Let’s now discuss these points.

Being appropriately sized

The face shield needs to be specifically designed for children, making sure that it is appropriately sized for all children age groups to wear.

If it’s too big for them to wear, they’re not going to want to wear it, assuming that all face shields will be the same.

Unable to wear adult face shields

Your child will not be able to wear the face shield you may be using as it will definitely be too big for them.

It would be ideal if the child has their own shield that fits perfectly and securely for them.


The face shield will be covering the child’s entire face, extending down below the chin and to the sides of the face as well.

It’s very useful during situations where someone may be constantly coughing and sneezing or in other high-risk settings.

A secure fit

Another important factor when looking for a suitable face shield for children to wear is it being a secure fit for them. It will have to stay in place for the duration that it is worn.

If it is loose and slipping off it will not be ideal, and it will not serve the purpose of protecting your child from the spread of respiratory droplets.

Adults, on the other hand, will look for a sturdier plastic face shield compared to a plastic face shield children would usually wear.

Some of the factors adults will look into when buying plastic face shields are:

  • Visibility 
  • Size 
  • Price

Let’s now talk about these points in detail.


The visibility provided by the plastic face shield is a very important factor. Someone will want to be ensured that the shield fits properly and does not obstruct their vision or cause glares, making it difficult to see.


Another factor will be the size of the face shield, and that it covers the entire face to provide maximum protection.

The same way a child is unable to wear an adult’s face shield, a child’s face shield will be too small for an adult to wear.


The price of the plastic face shield is an important consideration as well. Anyone will want to ensure that they are getting good value for their money, and that the shield is priced competitively compared to other shields.

Adults will need to use a combination of the plastic face shield and the face mask for optimal protection, especially in situations where social distancing may be difficult to maintain.

If you feel you have been exposed to respiratory droplets and may have a fever, it’s advisable to check your temperature with a thermometer, click here to find out more information about purchasing them.

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Related Questions

Where can I buy a plastic face shield?

A plastic face shield is available for purchase at several places, such as:

  • Medical stores - Medical stores often carry a wide range of personal protective equipment, including plastic face shields
  • Online retailers - There are several online retailers that sell plastic face shields, such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.
  • Safety supply stores - These stores specialize in safety equipment, and will have different types of plastic face shields available.
  • Office supply stores - Some office supply stores may have plastic shields as a part of their workplace safety equipment.

Why can’t plastic face shields be used on their own?

While plastic face shields can provide some protection against respiratory droplets, they can not be used on their own.

This is because the shield has limited filtration, so it will not be a very effective barrier against the respiratory droplets the way masks are. You could still be exposed to potentially infectious particles.

The lack of coverage is another issue with plastic shields, since it does not cover the nose and the mouth - two primary areas where droplets are expelled.

Another reason is the plastic face shield does not provide a tight seal around the face, which means droplets can still enter around the sides and the bottom of the shield.


Wearing a face shield alone may not provide adequate protection against COVID, and it’s recommended to wear the shield along with a face mask and practice other preventive measures such as washing your hands regularly and practicing social distancing.


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