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Your complete guide to employee safety at home.

SURVIVAL has been keeping people, workplaces and communities safe for more than 30 years with access to first aid information and leading first aid resources.

With more people working from home than ever before, SURVIVAL is empowering businesses and employees to ensure home offices and work practices are safe and compliant. 


Setting up your new home office.

Just as in the office, your workstation must be set up in a way that is safe, comfortable and easy to use. It should contain everything you need for a working day (and none of the excess clutter you don’t!)

working from home safely

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At SURVIVAL, our goal is to support every individual to remain safe, healthy and compliant while working from home.

Our FREE iFirstAid app and FREE downloadable First Aid Emergency Handbook will help ensure all employees have access to first aid information at their fingertips.

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