Working from Home: An employer's Responsibilities

Even when working from home, employers still have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

No employee should be exposed to any risk of harm or injury in the workplace – whether it’s in the physical office of the company, or in their home office.

For employers who do not comply, there can be significant risk and financial consequences.

Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice sets out employer responsibilities to ensure you remain compliant while working from home.

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Provision of first aid equipment. While most working from home activities are classified as low risk, this needs to be assessed in relation to your industry.

Minimum requirements include provision of first aid supplies for:
•    cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters;
•    muscular sprains and strains;
•    minor burns;
•    amputations and/or major bleeding wounds;
•    broken bones;
•    eye injuries; and
•    shock. 
Each worker at your workplace has access to this equipment.The simplest way to meet this requirement is to ensure every employee has access to a First Aid KIT. Find out which KIT best meets your business needs or get in touch about tailoring an individual safety solution.

Personal Hygiene Packs are also available.

Access to facilities for administering first aid.

Typically, this is a first aid room in your workplace. In individual home environments, employees simply need a designated space in which first aid can be administered.
An adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid, or workers have access to an adequate number of other people who have been trained to administer first aid.We strongly encourage all employers and employees to remain up to date with certified First Aid Training. We recognise this may be difficult in the current environment, however some first aid companies are currently running virtual training{link to SURVIVE Zoom session}.

working from home safely

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At SURVIVAL, our goal is to support every individual to remain safe, healthy and compliant while working from home.

Our FREE iFirstAid app and FREE downloadable First Aid Emergency Handbook will help ensure all employees have access to first aid information at their fingertips.

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