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Trust the Experts in Safety

Protecting Workplaces for more than 30 Years.

✅ Are you ready to have the very best first aid supplies at hand for your valued team?

✅ No more archaic boxes that are locked away and unorganised?

✅ An auditing system which is easy and efficient to take away the headache from meeting safety compliance at work?

Survival is an Australian owned family business that is leading innovation in first aid emergency solutions for workplaces.

SURVIVAL Family First Aid KIT

Key features of SURVIVAL KITs:

Experience the SURVIVAL Difference.

✅ Colour-coded, labelled sections for fast response

✅ Numbered items for easy refill

✅ Portable, accessible and convenient

✅ Glow-in-the-dark outer piping

✅ Heavy duty fixings and zippers

✅ QR codes for easy restock

✅ Free access to iFirstAid


Automated First Aid Compliance System.

SURVIVAL SWAP is a fully automated, cost effective, contact-free first aid system that ensures your business remains fully stocked and compliant at all times.

♻️ Step 1: SWAP - Initial purchase or replacement of first aid kits on-site.

🏅 Step 2: COMPLY - Automatic notification alerts us to check and restock to ensure you are always compliant.

💰 Step 3: SAVE - 20% cheaper than traditional restock models. Save time, hassle and money.


Using SURVIVAL's online Restock Portal.

At SURVIVAL we want to make it as easy as possible for you to restock your First Aid KITs when components become out of date or need to be refilled. That's why we have created a number of restock options to suit majority of businesses.

✅ Purchase individual items through our easy to use First Aid Restock Portal.

✅ Purchase a Restock Pack from our Restock Portal which replenishes all perishable items in your KIT. 

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