Doggie Dates NSW Fundraiser

The Doggie Dates NSW Fundraiser has now ended. Thank you for your valuable contribution and support.

Raising funds for vital equipment and accessories

Attention animal lovers! Doggie Dates NSW is raising vital funds to assist in the day-to-day upkeep and purchase equipment and accessories to support Doggie Dates’ needs. We aim to make a difference to people and/or dogs in our communities, and you can help!! By purchasing a SURVIVAL First Aid Kit, you will be contributing towards our fundraising goal. As a community-driven group, Doggie Dates NSW is dedicated to building strong connections and community engagement. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of both dogs and people in our communities. Let's come together and make a positive impact by donating to Doggie Dates NSW today!
Use code DOGGIEDATES for 10% OFF* all fundraising products below

* Only the purchase of the fundraising products listed below will contribute toward our fundraising goal.


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