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Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?

Our business needs an invoice before we can pay. How do we get one?

My order is damaged or incorrect. What do I do?

I haven't received an order confirmation email. What should I do?


What is the difference between the Work & Family KIT?

How long is the expiry on your First Aid KITs?

What do the symbols on the product labels mean?

Can I buy the Bites & Stings Module?

I can't find the item I want in your restock portal. Do you source other items?

Does the SMART Bandage fit in the Compact First Aid KIT?

The item I want says Out of Stock. When will it be available?

Is the SMART Bandage single use or reusable?


What is your ABN?

Can I come to your warehouse to save on delivery?

Where are you located? Is it a shop?

Shipping & Delivery

What countries do you ship to?

How long does it take to ship to the USA?

Australian Delivery Times

What mail provider/courier do you use for international shipping?

Customs / Import Fees Outside of Australia