Available Tongue Depressor Suppliers

A tool that’s used to depress the tongue and inspect the mouth and the tongue, it’s generally known as a tongue depressor or a spatula, read on to learn about tongue depressor suppliers.

Who are the reliable tongue depressor suppliers?

Short Answer: There are many reliable tongue depressor suppliers you can choose from

  • They are available at medical supply stores, and pharmacies 
  • Suppliers offer the tongue depressors in different sizes and quantities 
  • They are made out of wood or plastic materials 
  • Prices may vary according to the quality of the product

A list of the tongue depressor suppliers in the six states

The suppliers provide high quality, sterile and disposable tongue depressors that are essential in patient care. They are used during routine physical examinations of the mouth and throat, and dental exams.

Here are a few suppliers who are based in Queensland:

  • Queensland health supply chain - Known to be the main supplier for public healthcare facilities in Queensland, including hospitals and clinics. Tongue depressors are one of many other medical supplies available.
  • Alpha medical solutions - This company is a supplier of first aid and medical supplies to schools, businesses and other organizations. Tongue depressors can be provided in plastic and wooden options.
  • Team medical supplies - The medical store offers tongue depressors that come individually packed or in packs, prices will depend on the type of packaging.
  • G & A First Aid Supplies - Another medical store in Queensland that offers tongue depressors.

These are just a few options for tongue depressor suppliers in Queensland, Australia. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and the quality of the product before purchasing.

Next, we will look at some of the tongue depressor suppliers in New South Wales:

Alpha Medical Solutions

This company is your trusted source for essential medical supplies, including tongue depressors. They offer convenient online shopping and shipping Australia-wide to help keep your home or workplace safe.


A premium provider of first aid supplies, MediBC offers quality safety products just for you. Aware of the importance of first aid, the company strives to make sure all its products are of top quality.

InterAktiv Health

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, this company specializes in medical supplies at prices that are budget friendly and the delivery of quality patient care. Tongue depressors are included in the supplies they provide.

There are several suppliers of tongue depressors in New South Wales, these mentioned suppliers are just a few you can consider.

Let’s now move onto tongue depressor suppliers that are available in Victoria:

Rapid Rescue

Providing a variety of first aid products Australia-wide, Rapid Rescue supplies to schools, workplaces and businesses. They are experienced with advice on your specific medical equipment needs.

Team Medical Supplies

They are a supplier of medical and healthcare products to clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Tongue depressors are supplied as well, made in different types of materials.

N Medical Supplies

A leading medical supplier in Australia, N Medical Supplies that delivers high quality medical equipment, devices and supplies. Quality is a very important factor with N Medical Supplies.

It’s always best to do your research before you select a supplier you can rely on, and budget friendly.

When it comes to tongue depressor supplies in Tasmania, here are a few recommended suppliers:

LFA First Response

An Australian family business, LFA First Response stocks first aid supplies that are of high quality, and tongue depressors are included as well. Their product ranges from first aid room equipment to personal protection equipment.

G & A First Aid Supplies

A reputed first aid supplier, G & A First Aid Supplies have also been in the industry for 20 years, complying with safety regulations and providing your first aid needs, such as tongue depressors.

Advanced Lifecare

A Tasmanian owned company that supplies and works closely with aged care facilities and hospitals, they have a wide selection of medical supplies to choose from.

Tongue depressor suppliers are available in South Australia as well, a few of them are:


A company that has been supplying to clinics and hospitals for a long time, Healthsaver is very experienced when it comes to medical supplies such as tongue depressors.


Economedical specialises in medical equipment and supplies at great prices. All of the best brands are stocked by the company, all based online for purchase. Tongue depressors are available, too.

Medical Industries Australia

This company is accredited for supplying medical supplies to hospitals, pharmacies, and medical practitioners. They are a trusted supplier by many Australians.

And finally, we will take a look at some of the tongue depressor suppliers in Western Australia:

Yes Medical Supplies

This company has all your medical supply needs in one place, saving you the hassle of having to look somewhere else if something is not available. The tongue depressors are available in wooden and plastic material.

Which of them supplies the best brand at affordable prices?

This will depend on the suppliers, but most of them do offer high quality brands at prices that are budget friendly.

Alpha Medical Solutions has a pack of 100 biodegradable tongue depressors, priced at AUD $3.70.

The prices will vary based on how many tongue depressors are in the pack, for example - a pack of 500 tongue depressors could cost approximately AUD $13.95.

What additional services do these suppliers render?

These suppliers provide a range of medical services related to medical and healthcare products. Here are some of the services medical suppliers may provide:

  • Product customization - Medical suppliers may offer customised products or packaging to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities.
  • Product distribution - These suppliers distribute medical and healthcare products to healthcare facilities, ensuring that they are delivered on time and are in good condition.
  • Product storage - The suppliers may provide storage facilities for medical and healthcare products, to make sure that it is stored under optimal conditions to maintain the quality and efficacy.
  • Regulatory compliance - Medical suppliers need to ensure that their products comply with relevant regulations and standards, which may be related to safety and quality.

Overall, medical suppliers play an important role in the healthcare industry by making certain that medical and healthcare products are available, accessible and of high quality.

Are these suppliers covered by insurance?

Medical suppliers in Australia themselves typically don’t require insurance coverage as they are not providing medical treatment or care.

However, the products they supply, such as the medical devices, equipment and medications may be covered by insurance.

In Australia, the cost of medical supplies may be covered by a number of different insurance schemes, depending on the specific circumstances, for instance:

  • Private health insurance plans may cover the cost of medical supplies for eligible treatments and procedures.
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may cover the cost of medical supplies for people with a disability.
  • The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) might cover the cost of medications, including medical supplies such as insulin and other diabetes-related products.

Medical suppliers in Australia may work with insurance companies and healthcare providers to make sure that the products they supply are covered by insurance and that the claims process is smooth and efficient.

Related Questions

Are biodegradable tongue depressors better than plastic tongue depressors?

Biodegradable tongue depressors are generally considered to be better from an environmental perspective. Plastic tongue depressors are made from materials that can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to pollution.

Some studies have suggested that biodegradable tongue depressors may be preferred as patients due to their smoother texture and reduced risk of injury to the mouth.

What are tongue depressors used for?

They are used to hold down the tongue to get a clear view of the tonsils, back of the throat and oral cavity and facilitate medical procedures such as swabs, throat cultures and other medical examinations of the mouth or throat.

Tongue depressors are only to be used for their intended medical purposes and should not be reused to prevent the spread of infections.


There are many available tongue depressor suppliers in all six states of Australia that I have mentioned above in the blog article. It’s important to consider your options carefully before choosing a medical supplier for tongue depressor.


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