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SURVIVAL has created a SMART bandage with a memory and symbols that ‘speak’ to a user when action NOT words is vital. 

“It is my first-choice bandage for ALL our KITs”

- Mike Tyrrell, SURVIVAL CEO

SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL
SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL
SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL
SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL
SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL
SMART Bandage (Snakes & Funnel-webs) - SURVIVAL

SMART Bandage™ (Snakes & Funnel-webs)

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🌟 A bandage that needs no instructions

🌟 Apply correct pressure every time

🌟 Created and improved by SURVIVAL

🌟 Smart > Smarter > Smartest


Our Smart® Bandage helps you create magic when treating snake and spider bites.
When life is in the balance, YOU can shape shift to save a person’s life without training, tricks, smoke or mirrors -- by simply turning a rectangle into a square!


SURVIVAL has carefully researched the correct pressure needed to stop the poison from a venomous bite killing you or someone you love.

A nonometer measures correct pressue.


Jerry Tyrrell first met snake expert Craig Adams at a fancy dress party in 2003.
Craig and Jerry have since evolved the features and design of the Smart Bandage® since 2012.

“Craig is the real deal. He cares about the environment and every human being.”

- Jerry Tyrrell

The "Wizards" - Jerry Tyrrell (left) with Craig Adams



Developing the SMART Bandage took a lot of 🕒 + 💰

SURVIVAL’s Smart Bandage costs 10 x more to manufacture than typical heavy duty crepe bandages. 

“Most bandages are difficult to properly apply in an emergency. It’s silly that consumers are sold poor quality bandages when a SMART Bandage only costs a few dollars more.”

- Jerry Tyrrell


A SMART Bandage® will help you in all major first aid emergencies. 

🩹 Stop a major bleed.

🩹 Wrap a bad sprain.

🩹 Provide the pressure you need for a deadly bite. 

🩹 Use as a sling, padding, strap or even dog lead.

🩹 Help save a life.


SURVIVAL is flattered by others trying to copy our SMART® Bandage.
Competitors may try, but they aren’t willing to spend the money on quality or clarify what’s really needed in an emergency.
Some are even using SURVIVAL in their marketing instead of their own brand name. Naughty!


Your reviews tell us what our innovation and investment in SMART products means to YOU. 

"So, I stumbled upon these SMART bandages during my wilderness first aid course, and hot dang, they're something else! They were recommended by my instructor during the course, and let me tell you, these bandages just became the number one first-aid staple in my pack! Dealing with snake and spider bites in the wild just got a whole lot cooler and safer thanks to these bad boys. Plus, they're surprisingly practical for making splints – talk about a handy tool to have in your outdoor adventure arsenal!

- Dylan G.

"We purchased two smart bandages. One for the camper trailer which goes on remote bush adventures and one for home on rural property which I carry on my walks with the dogs. The bandage is well made and has great length. I feel confident in using the bandage with the stretch squares. Hope I don’t have to use it. Great product.

- Saskia V. (Browns Mountain, NSW)

"Great quality snake bite bandage at a great price. Easy to apply the correct pressure with the rectangle stretched to square guide. Always a good idea to keep one or two in your pack. Fast shipping.

- Ben D. (Wollongong, NSW)