First Aid KITs for Motorcycles

Have you ever wondered what emergency and first aid supplies you should carry with you on your motorcycle?

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the right first aid kit could save your life when you’re on your motorbike – or, if you’re unlucky enough to come off it.

When you’re looking for a complete first aid kit for your motorcycle, you’re sure to have a few important features on your wish-list.

So, what do I need in a motorcycle first aid kit?

First, the best first aid kit for use on a motorbike needs to be lightweight, waterproof, durable and compact, and able to take the heavy-duty wear and tear that comes with life spent on the road.

Second, it needs to have the right first aid items available that’ll help you treat the most common accidents and injuries that motorbike riders face.

And finally, it needs to have all the basics for the everyday ride, as well as the must-have items you’ll need for longer trips, bigger injuries, and life-threatening emergencies.

Benji Brundin with the SURVIVAL Handy First Aid KIT
SURVIVAL Handy First Aid KIT

There’s no doubt that SURVIVAL’s range of first aid kits are the best first aid kits for 2022 and beyond, and come packed full of the essential gear you need for short and long motorbike trips alike.

And while it may seem tempting to build your own motorcycle first aid kit, if you value your life and the safety of those around you - this is one area that’s best left to the professionals.

You need to make sure the first aid kit you take on your rides has all the essential items for motorcyclists, and with the best range of first aid kits in Australia, SURVIVAL can offer you a top quality first aid kit for your motorcycle – whether you’re making short trips in the city, or heading out on longer expeditions on the open road.

Take a minute to browse our range of purpose-built first aid kits, and you’re sure to find the complete solution that will have you and your fellow motorbike riders feeling safe and secure for a long time to come. 

Motorcycle First Aid KIT Range


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