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This year, SURVIVAL’s CEO Mike Tyrrell is travelling around Australia with his young family to connect with the community and spread our safety messages where they’re needed most.

Since setting off in February 2023, Mike, his wife Bianca and their three young children have been busy visiting every Aussie state and territory to:

  • Give away hundreds of First Aid KITs and SMART Snake Bite Bandages.
  • Educate the nation on lifesaving first aid practices.
  • Partner with likeminded organisations to reach every corner of the country.
  • Donate first aid supplies to remote, regional and rural communities.

Affectionately titled the ‘Great Aussie Give Back’, this expedition continues the legacy created by Mike’s dad and uncle when they both started SURVIVAL over 35 years ago.

As Mike says: “This trip is about taking my family on the road to help ensure even the most remote parts of our country have access to potentially lifesaving first aid resources. In many cases, the tools we’re sharing could literally be the difference between life and death.”

Want to know where Mike is now? Make sure you’re following the family’s journey on Instagram!

SURVIVAL: Over 35 Years Spent Giving Back

  • Over the past three decades, SURVIVAL has given away 50,000+ First Aid KITs and educated countless individuals from Mumbai to Mudgee in proper first aid practices.
  • We make regular donations of pre-loved KITS and first aid supplies to charity organisations and orphanages in Australia and overseas.
  • We also provide first aid equipment to on-the-ground emergency responders in all types of disaster situations.