Factory First Aid Kits: What You Need to Know

Just like at home or a workplace, having a first aid kit as a precautionary measure at a factory is just as important.

What are factory first aid kits and what should you consider when choosing one for your workplace?

Short Answer: Kits that have been designed for industrial or manufacturing settings.

  • They address the common injuries sustained in factories, warehouses or similar work environments
  • These kits may be larger than regular first aid kits
  • The kit needs to be comprehensive to handle the severity of injuries that can happen
  • It should be easily accessible and visible, like mounted on walls

Introduction to Factory First Aid Kits and Their Importance

Factory first aid kits are vital resources in industrial settings to deal with on-site injuries and provide immediate medical care to workers.

These kits have been designed to meet the unique first aid requirements of factory environments, where workplace hazards are present. They play a huge role in ensuring the safety and well-being of employees in these settings.

The kits promote prompt and appropriate medical care in the event of workplace injuries or emergencies.

Let’s take a look at some key importances when it comes to factory first aid kits:

Quantity and Size

The quantity and size of supplies in factory first aid kits may be larger compared to regular first aid kits. This is to accommodate larger workforces and multiple injuries or emergencies that could occur simultaneously in factory settings.

Specialized Equipment

Factory first aid kits generally include specialized equipment or supplies that are relevant to the specific workplace hazards. The particular factory could be dealing with chemicals, and the kit may include chemical spill kits or neutralizing agents.

Comprehensive Supplies

These kits would typically contain a range of important medical supplies to address common factory related injuries. Items such as bandages, pain relievers, burn dressings, antiseptic solution and CPR masks will be included.

Mounting and Visibility

First aid kits are usually designed so that they can be mounted on walls or can be placed in easily accessible locations within the factory. The kits may come with brackets or wall-mounted cases for easy identification and quick access during emergencies. Ongoing monitoring of the factory’s first aid needs is crucial for maintaining a safe and prepared environment for the workers.

Essential Items to Include in a Factory First Aid Kit

Factory first aid kits need to contain a comprehensive range of medical supplies and equipment to deal with the potential injuries and emergencies that may occur in factory settings. While specific requirements may vary based on local regulations and workplace hazards, the essential items in factory first aid kits are:

Burn dressings

Specialized dressings are designed for burn injuries to provide relief, prevent contamination and help with the healing process.

Eyewash solutions

Sterile eyewash or eye irrigation solutions for flushing the eyes in case of chemical splashes or foreign particles.

Antiseptic solution

Antiseptic wipes or antiseptic solutions to clean and disinfect wounds and prevent infections from happening.

Adhesive bandages

Various sizes of adhesive bandages for covering minor scrapes, wounds or abrasions.


Disposable gloves (latex or nitrile) to protect both the first aider and the patient from contamination and to maintain hygiene as much as possible.

Sterile dressings

Sterile gauze pads or dressings for larger wounds or to apply pressure for bleeding control.


Fine-pointed tweezers for the safe-removal of splinters, foreign objects or debris from wounds.

Cold packs

Instant cold packs or gel packs are needed to provide cold therapy for sprains, swelling and strains.


Another necessity for a factory first aid kit are medical scissors with rounded tips, for cutting bandages, clothes or other materials.

You can consider adding additional items that are specific to the hazards of the particular factory, and seek guidance from health professionals to ensure compliance with local regulations and best practices.

Top Factory First Aid Kits on the Market: Reviews and Recommendations

It’s important to choose a brand that you can trust and use for a long period of time, while regularly checking it. There are a couple of reputable brands that are known for their quality and reliability, they include:

RSEA Safety

RSEA offers a variety of first aid kit brands that are of high quality, which consist of a range of medical supplies required for factory settings. These first aid kits can be mounted or portable as they can be placed anywhere in the factory.

Brady Australia

This first aid kit has been specifically made for industrial/factory settings, is a wall-mounted case made with materials that are protective. The kit includes bandages, resuscitation masks, antiseptic spray and other items you will need to handle an injury during an emergency.

Proactive Group Australia

The FastAid Kit Workplace Response Kit is fully equipped to help you with factory related emergencies that can happen at any time. It can be wall-mounted, and comes with a wall-mount bracket. The kit is strong and durable, the contents specific to WHS requirements for Australian workplaces.


The portable first aid kit from Alsco is perfect to have in a factory setting, as it can be taken anywhere during an emergency. The kit addresses burns, sprains, serious wounds, eye wounds and minor wounds. It can be conveniently accessed during emergencies in factories.

These products comply with local occupational health and safety regulations, and are suitable for industrial or workplace settings. Consider checking their websites or visiting their stores directly and online to explore their available options and choose the best factory first aid kit for your needs.

Reading customer reviews can provide further insights into the quality and reliability of the kits.

Tips for Choosing the Best Factory Aid Kit for Your Workplace Needs and Budget

There are many things to consider when choosing a factory first aid kit, especially when it has to fit your needs and budget.

Let’s take a look at tips to help you:

Assess workplace hazards

Identify the specific hazards present in your workplace, such as chemicals, high-risk activities or machinery. There may be potential injuries that can arise from these hazards, so you can determine the level of first aid care required, and types of equipment needed.

Workforce Size

Consider the number of employees in your workplace when selecting a factory first aid kit. Larger workforces may require kits with greater quantities of supplies to accommodate multiple injuries or emergencies.

Quality and Durability

Choose a factory first aid kit that is well-made and durable. The supplies and equipment should be of high quality to withstand the demands of a factory environment.

Price and Value

Set a budget for your factory first aid kit purchase. Compare different options within your price range and consider the value provided by the kit. The overall content, quality and additional features need to be assessed to get the best value for your investment.

Size and Portability

The size and portability of the factory first aid kit is important. It should be easily transportable and accessible within the workplace. It should be conveniently stored, mounted, or carried to the site of an incident.

By following these tips you can select a factory first aid kit that meets your workplace needs, fits your budget and complies with regulations.

Additionally, provide training to employees on how to use the kit effectively and respond to workplace injuries and emergencies. For more information on first aid in a workplace, you can read our article here. Another article on Factors to Consider for Workplace First Aid Training is helpful too.

Related Questions

How often are factory first aid kits inspected?

The frequency of a factory first aid kit being inspected will depend on the specific industry requirements, workplace policies, and local regulations. However, it is required to conduct regular inspections at least once every three to six months. This way, the first aid kit will be maintained, properly stocked and ready when it needs to be used.

Can the factory first aid kit be refilled?

Yes, factory first aid kits can be refilled. Regular replenishment of supplies is vital when it comes to maintaining the kit. When certain items are used or expired, they need to be replaced immediately so that the kit remains fully stocked to address workplace injuries or emergencies.

During the time the kit is restocked, it could be assessed if any other additional items are needed based on changing workplace hazards or regulatory requirements.


Designed with a factory in mind, these first aid kits are an essential addition to your workplace.


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