The Most Important Items in a Cat’s First Aid Kit 

Just like us humans, 9 lives or not the cats need their own kit when trouble strikes! Today, I compiled everything you need to know about putting together cat first aid supplies. 

So, what must I have in a cat’s first aid kit? 

Short answer: all cat first aid kit supplies should include a set of various bandages, antiseptic, tools/instruments (including tick removal) and instructions. 

  • You can view a comprehensive supplies list below, alongside your top 5 ready made kits. 
  • Make sure to always restock your kit after depleting supplies. 
  • It is a good idea to keep your cat’s emergency medical info inside too! Always visit the vet if your cat is having an emergency. 
Cat First AId

Essential Medicines in the Cat’s First Aid Kit

Below is a list of essential medicines for your cat first aid kit:

  • Saline solution (as a bottle/tube to flush)
  • Having sterile saline solution on hand is important so that you are able to flush out the location if your pet sustains a wound. 

    Use saline to rinse wounds, the eyes or the inside of the mouth of your cat.

  • Povidone iodine/topical antiseptic (solution, spray or wipes)
  • This is to disinfect your cat’s wounds. 

    There is also another harder to locate disinfectant option called Chlorhexidine Diacetate, but povidone iodine is most traditional. 

    Do not choose anything higher than 1% preparation. 

    Antiseptic spray/wipes can also work.

    Note: you may know povidone iodine by the common human brand name ‘Betadine’.

  • Hydrogen peroxide (3% - NOT higher)
  • A good addition to any pet first aid kit, make sure your preparation is no higher than 3% (such as 6% or more).

    Recommended: you may also find it beneficial upon discussion with your vet to include some of your cat's medical records/history or other crucial information.

    It is also a good idea to include the address and number of your nearest vet.

Basic Instruments in a Cat’s First Aid Kit Supplies

Now that we’ve covered the crucial medicines, let’s go into the first aid instruments that should be included in your cat first aid kit supplies.

  • Gauze pads (or gauze sponges) 
  • Cotton wool balls or swabs 
  • Self adhering bandage and/or some gauze roll

To secure bandages in place.

These bandages will stick to themselves and wrap around your dressing without sticking to your cat's fur/other surroundings.

  • Adhesive bandage tape
  • To secure dressings in place.

  • Emergency blanket
  • To preserve your cat’s body temperature in an emergency.

  • Tick remover
  • For easy removal of ticks - usually a tick removal spoon.

  • Tweezers
  • Can also assist with tick removal alongside other injuries like splinters.

  • Scissors/shears (with blunt ends)
  • You will need some scissors or shears to cut your bandages.

    The reason that blunt ends are ideal is that should you need to cut/remove a bandage, there is minimal threat when sliding it underneath nearby to your cat’s skin.

  • Disposable gloves (non latex)
  • The last thing you want to do is contaminate your cat’s wound further - so it is important to have a pair of clean gloves on hand while attending to your cat.

  • Non stick/non-adherent bandage pads
  • Good for providing your layer of wound coverage/dressing your cat’s wound.

  • Digital thermometer (with lubricant for rectal measuring)
  • It is important to make sure your cat does not overheat and retains a healthy temperature.

    Some lubricant is also necessary for the purpose of taking a rectal temperature.

  • Pet first aid kit book/instruction card
  • This is a very handy addition to ensure you are prepared to actually use the kit when needed.

Additional helpful items (optional):

  • Towels (to wet and keep your cat cool should they overheat).
  • A compression bandage is a good addition, in the event your cat sustains a bite from a snake/spider.
  • A splint (if your cat gets injured)
  • A syringe can be handy to have on hand. This permits easy flushing of wounds.
  • A muzzle
  • Benadryl
  • Ziplock bags
Survival Pet First Aid Kit

Top Five Brands of Single-Use Cat’s First Aid Kit

When it comes to our decision of what makes the cut of a quality cat first aid kit, we are considering a few primary fundamentals.

Importantly: does it include the vital primary essentials when it comes to cat first aid supplies?

The kits listed below met the above criteria and were formed by reputable companies in the first aid sector.

Here are your top 5!

Single use cat/pet first aid kits

  • Survival Pet First Aid Kit
  • Our pet first aid kit has been designed specifically with both dogs and cats in mind - and will make a perfect companion for your feline needs.

    It is equipped with all vital supplies (from bandages to instruments), a high quality and easy-to-carry case and even a silicon bowl for food/water.

    This is your all in one comprehensive kit when it comes to cat first aid supplies!

  • First Aid Kits Australia Pet First Aid Kit
  • The below 3 kits are a little less elaborate, but contain all crucial essentials to treat your cat.

    The First Aid Kits Australia pet kit contains the essential bandages and supplies - (but make sure to add a special tick removal spoon if you want one alongside the tweezers).

  • St John Pet First Aid Kit
  • St John carries an affordable and compact cat first aid kit covering all the primary essentials we mentioned above. 

    A renowned organisation like Red Cross below; these are a great, reliable option for covering all your required basics.

  • Red Cross Pet First Aid Kit
  • Once again, the Red Cross pet kit contains all your basics - and also includes a tick removal tool.

    It is compact, lightweight and will ensure you are equipped with the essential bandages and tools to take care of your cat whenever needed.

  • ARCA Pet First Aid Kit
  • This kit appears to be available primarily via Amazon, but is amongst the more extensive pet first aid kits and boasts excellent reviews/recommendations.

    The ARCA pet first aid kit is chock full of supplies, and while a little higher budget it comes with 100 items!

    Stored in a hard carry case, this kit includes everything from essentials up to great SOS additions such as a tourniquet and emergency collar.

    If you are after a comprehensive pet first aid kit, you may favour the ARCA.

Where Can I Get a Regular Supply For My Cat’s First Aid Kit?

After your individual first aid items have been used and disposed of, you will need to regularly restock supplies to replenish your kit.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a good source of supplies available so you can re-purchase as necessary.

You will likely be able to keep the fundamentals of your kit - such as the case, and simply replace anything used as needed.

Top locations to purchase cat first aid supplies:

Many first aid stores cater to animals as well, offering restock supplies.

Vets and veterinary websites/clinics will also often offer animal first aid supplies.

  • Vet-n-pet DIRECT
  • Vet-n-pet DIRECT stock an extensive range of animal first aid restock supplies.

    Everything you could possibly require to replenish your cat first aid kit, you can find here!

    They are an example of a great Australian veterinary store - with bandages, disinfectant wipes and tools to choose from.

  • Survival First Aid (restock collection)
  • If you are looking to replenish the items in your Survival Pet First Aid Kit, you can view our restock collection here to pick up some of your essentials.

  • Budget Pet Products
  • Many online Australian pet stores stock a great range of first aid supplies for your cat.

    Budget Pet Products have a section specifically geared for cats here, with every option you could imagine to choose from at a reasonable price.

  • Vet Products Direct
  • With a range that includes all general supplies for your cat and first aid specific supplies, you can find everything from tools to medicines here.

    They are even vet nurses available on hand to help you, should you require advice or assistance with your selections.

  • The Vet Shed
  • The Vet Shed also offers affordable and quality first aid supplies, which you can view here.

    These are just some of the many well-endorsed Australian supply retailers, but you can also find supplies at many in store vets!

  • Your local vet!
  • Consider asking your vet about the best supplies for your cat during your next visit.

Cat First AId

Related Questions:

What do I do if my vet is closed in an emergency?

If your vet isn’t open, consider ringing around your local animal hospitals/emergency vet.

Many places offer emergency veterinary services.

Can Benadryl be used for cats?

Yes. You can use Benadryl for cats provided you do so safely - and it can assist with sedation or allergies/irritation.


Provided you have included the above, we can safely say you are readily equipped for whatever may come your way!

Remember that first aid is no substitute for emergency medical treatment, so always take your cat to your vet when necessary.


Answer a few simple questions and we'll suggest a First Aid KIT to suit your needs!