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Buying “No Smoking” Signs in Australia

Australian law states that “no smoking” signs must be displayed in certain locations.

If you were wondering where to buy smoking signs in Australia, look no further! Continue reading below.

Stores that sell “ no smoking” signs 

Short answer: Australian government sites provide free downloadable and printable signs that can be stuck. 

  • There are also many Australian suppliers of signs, with a detailed list provided below. Some popular ones include National Safety Signs, Officeworks, Safety Signs Australia and Australian Safety Signs. 
  • Smoking laws vary per state, but refer to the below list for general restrictions on where you are not allowed to smoke.
  • Laws apply to both cigarettes and e-cigarettes (electronic). 
  • Your chosen sign may vary per setting or location, so choose a sign for your specific business. 
No Smoking Sign

What Are Australian Laws On Smoking? 

In Australia, the smoking laws apply to all of the states/territories.

These laws exist and are in place for the purpose of keeping individuals in the community safe - particularly minors and those that are underage.

Some of the primary locations are listed below, with many of these applying to common daily life.

Requirements state that you are not permitted to smoke in the following locations: 

  • On public transport (which includes all primary forms such as trains, buses, planes, trams etc) 
  • This also includes public transport stops, such as bus stops, wharfs and other waiting zones. 

  • In shopping centres
  • At schools
  • In the cinema
  • Airports
  • This includes both international and domestic flights. 

  • Office buildings. 
  • Inside a car if an underage minor is also inside 
  • Any other location specified with a “no smoking” sign

While the above rules apply to all states, there are slight variations for other aspects of the smoking laws between the states and territories. 

The slight differences include laws on exemptions and select outdoor location smoking laws. 

  • In Victoria, for example, smoking is not allowed in all enclosed workplaces. 
  • In Queensland, smoking is banned at and within 10m of campsites in all national parks. 

So, to 100% ensure you are in the clear, you will have to check the laws in your state. 

However, the general outdoor smoking laws that may apply in Australia include no smoking in: 

  • Swimming pool outdoor areas, and cafe/kiosk areas 
  • Areas that may contain children; including childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary or secondary school facilities. 
  • Outdoor eating and drinking areas
  • Patrolled beaches
  • Events for underage minors - such as music or dancing events
  • Certain outdoor community areas, particularly sporting ones like skate parks (that may contain underage individuals) 
  • Some government buildings, including hospital entrances 
  • Children’s playing centres/buildings 
  • Children’s playground equipment
  • Any areas in which smoking may pose a safety hazard or a risk of fire; for example certain construction sites. 

Note that all of these laws also include electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes. 

There may be slight variation per your state, so make sure you follow and adhere to no smoking laws. 

No Smoking Sign

When To Display a No Smoking Sign 

The laws regarding smoking signs in Australia are constantly changing, so for an updated list it is best to visit the government website for your state. 

If you are a business owner for instance, it will be important to maintain up-to-date knowledge on any additions or changes to the smoking legislation. 

Currently, it is required to display a no smoking sign in; 

  • Commercial outdoor dining areas
  • Swimming pool facilities, including both indoor and outdoor 
  • Light rail platforms, railway train platforms and at a ferry wharf
  • Construction sites that may have dangerous materials, flammable substances etc 
  • This is crucial to public safety, so construction sites are required to display a smoking sign in this instance - because it may pose a fire risk.

  • Highly recommended but not mandatory at many sports and recreation facilities 
  • Certain laws may apply to underage events.

    Please once again note there may be a slight variation per state, and laws are subject to being constantly updated.

  • In Victoria, shopping centre owners, enclosed cafe or restaurant owners and casinos must display signs. 
  • If you are an owner of any of the above buildings or businesses, make sure you stay up-to-date. 

Prices Of No-Smoking Signs 

The cost of a no smoking sign will vary depending on the supplier, material, size and detailing of the sign.

  • As mentioned, the downloadable signs on the government websites are free and printable. 
  • You can also download free smoking sign printouts on many other websites if you conduct a search. 

  • However, for a quality and durable sign you are best going with a supplier. 
  • The cost of a standard sign will vary from around $9 to $30.

    A good average mid price to expect to pay is about $15.

    This should give you a decent sign and coverage.

    Price is truly dependent on the size and material; example metal.

    Officeworks, for example, tend to be on the cheaper end as attached - but also note that the signs are more modest.

  • Custom signs may incur higher cost, but will allow you to select your desired size - which may be a preferred advantage. 
  • Custom costs vary. 

Best Suppliers Of No-Smoking Signs In Australia 

There are many quality suppliers of no smoking signs in Australia.

A quality supplier is one that ensures their signs comply with the regulations and smoking act.

  • Some government bodies are suppliers, and if you visit the Government Health website for your state you will find printable signs and stickers available for download. 

This is for a digital copy however - which you can then print, stick and display in the respective location. 

Note: they must be colour and A4 size to be considered. 

You might want to go for a ready made sign, however - so below is a list of the best Australian suppliers. 

Reputable “no smoking” sign suppliers in Australia: 

  • Safety Signs Australia
  • Safety Signs Australia is a broad supplier that stocks many other safety signs alongside no smoking signs.

    You can view the specific category for smoking signs here

    Purchasing a smoking sign this way can be easy and convenient, and save you the trouble of organising your own. 

    They also offer a wide variety for virtually all applications.

  • Another well-known supplier, Safety Signs have a great range and even offer custom-made signs to suit your application. 

    Once again, they stock a large range of signs - including no smoking signs. 

  • National Safety Signs
  • National Safety Signs offer no smoking signs that are designed specifically for every single state in Australia. 

    This can offer an advantage if you are wanting to adhere to the specific laws of your state.

    Upon visiting their website, you are able to select your designated state and view the signs for it. 

    The signs are also approved by the government of each state, and they also offer custom options.  

  • Officeworks
  • If you’re looking for a quick and easily accessible option, you can purchase no smoking signs from Officeworks. 

    This may be easier for some than ordering online, as there are a large amount of stores available across the country. 

    However, note that these are more simple signs - and if you want something more detailed or higher quality you are best going with a safety signs supplier. 

    The range is much more limited.

    To view all the no smoking signs, visit their safety signs category and search for no smoking. 

  • Australian Safety Signs 
  • Another prominent Australian safety sign supplier, this is another good place to pick up your no smoking sign. 

    The price of the signs are smack bang on the average price of $15. 

    You have flexibility to choose between your desired material (whether metal or polypropylene), and stickers are also available for easy display. 

    There are also various sizing options. 

No Smoking Sign

Related Questions:

Can the detailing of smoking signs vary depending on the location?

Yes. Generally, signs that are available to purchase come designed with writing for the specific setting or location. 

Sometimes, it is also very important to legally specify metre/distance requirements.

  • For example, 10 metres minimum distance.
  • You will notice signs designed for this specific purpose. 

  • Construction site signs will often be designed to specify flammable materials, for instance. 
  • Make sure you purchase the required sign for your business/setting. 

Can I get in trouble for not displaying a no smoking sign when it is required? 

Absolutely. If you fail to display a sign in the required location, you can be subject to penalties and consequences.

Smoking signs are legal laws as part of the Australian smoking act, and these are designed for a very specific purpose - keeping the community safe. 

Failing to adhere to them can create very serious consequences, especially in flammable locations. 


In this article, we covered where to buy no smoking signs and quality Australian suppliers. 

Make sure you check the sign required for your location/setting and display it clearly in sight. 

Decide upon desired material, size and print to select the best fit for you. 

This helps to keep the community safe and smoke-free when necessary! 


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