Best Ways to Carry a First Aid Kit

Since first aid kit’s come in different sizes, they can fit in any bag and conveniently be taken around anywhere. In this article I will talk about the best ways to carry a first aid kit.

How can I carry a first aid kit conveniently?

Short Answer: A first aid kit is specifically designed to be carried around conveniently, meaning it can be put in your car

  • Being able to put it safely in your car will help in any emergency that may happen when least expected
  • The first aid kit will be stocked with only the most essential items making it lightweight
  • Strapping it comfortably is another way you could carry it around
Survival First Aid Kit

What can I use to conveniently carry my first aid kit?

Listed below are different ways to carry them hassle free, a couple of them are:

  • A sports bag 
  • A waist pouch 
  • A purse or bag 
  • A backpack 
  • A car trunk

Let’s take a look at these ways in detail.

A sports bag

Many athletes are at risk of injury in most of the sport activities they participate in on a daily basis.

Carrying a first aid kit in their sports bag is the best way to deal with any accidental injury they might face.

They can conveniently access the first aid kit when they are out and about during their practices or at games, too.

A waist pouch

We are always on the go, and when it comes to mobility and safety it is ideal to have your first aid kit in a waist pouch.

It could either be running, cycling or any other activity - the main objective is to have a back up plan.

If you’re in the middle of nowhere with no hospital or clinic in sight, having a first aid kit with you could save you from further harm.

A purse or a bag

Having a first aid kit packed in your purse or bag that’s for daily use is another great way to be safe as well.

First aid kits come in a variety of sizes, so finding one that will fit inside your purse or bag won’t be difficult.

Safety comes first, and it’s always best to take precautions like keeping a first aid kit in your bag just in case.

A backpack

Backpacks are extremely versatile because they come in handy for situations like hiking, mountaineering and camping.

There are many outdoor activities that are risky, so packing a first aid kit will definitely make things more convenient in the event that something happens.

Make sure that the first aid kit is lightweight in the backpack, as it will be easier to carry when walking long distances.

A car trunk

Another place where a first aid kit can be kept safely is in a car trunk, in case of emergency on the road.

It will be difficult to access any medical supplies while on the road, and that’s when there is nothing you can do to save yourself or the injured person.

Whether the injury may be minor or major, the first aid kit will help keep the person comfortable and safe until assistance arrives.

What are the requirements of doctor’s medical kits and first aid kits?

There are a variety of bags that are specifically designed for first aid kits, ranging in size, color and the make of the bag.

Here are some of the types of bags for first aid kits that we found:

  • SURVIVAL Waterproof Dry Bag 
  • A pouch 
  • A sling bag 
  • A trauma bag
  • SURVIVAL Waterproof Dry Bag
  • We stock the Survival Waterproof Dry Bag, one of our latest additions that’s ideal for outdoor activities such as:

    • Fishing 
    • Camping 
    • Hiking

    The bag is very easy to transport, since it is foldable and lightweight as well. It has been specifically designed for any outdoor enthusiast.

    You can find out more information about the waterproof bag on our website here.

  • A pouch
  • For those who prefer to have a bag that they can carry on the go, a pouch is the perfect answer, because it is:

    • Customizable strap 
    • Plenty of space and pockets for essentials and other items too 
    • Provides protection during outdoor activities 
    • Allows you to meet your individual needs

Customizing the strap based on how you prefer it is a big advantage, because traveling long distances with an uncomfortable strap digging in your shoulder is not ideal.

Trauma bags have a lot more pockets and space to store essential medical supplies and other items, too.

Having it with you is the biggest protection of all, as it will meet your individual needs as well.

What to consider when choosing a bag for the kit

There are certain important points to think about when choosing a bag to keep a first aid kit, they are:

  • The Accessibility 
  • The Size 
  • Portability 
  • Storage

Let’s now take a look at these points in detail now.

The Accessibility

Accessibility is number one when choosing a bag for a first kit, because you will have to deliberate how you will access the first aid kit in the first place.

The supplies in the kit will have to be organized in such a way that it is easy to reach for, during emergency situations.

The Size

Since first aid kit’s come in various sizes it makes our job of looking for a bag that will fit a little bit easier.

It ranges from personal sized bags to larger bags that store bigger quantities of medical supplies.

Choosing the right size for your bag is extremely important, because it has to be portable enough for the person to take it anywhere without any issue.


For the most part, portability has to be taken into consideration, since you will be taking the first aid kit with you wherever you go.

If the bag is not portable, it will be difficult to keep it anywhere or take it while you are on the go.

Whether you are on the road, or on a camping trip with family - having a portable first aid kit will help in several ways.


Organizing what is stored inside and how much the bag can hold is another factor that should be noted.

When packing the first aid kit, the right supplies need to be thought about, along with the correct amounts - not too little but not too much either.

Suitable cords for carrying a first aid kit

Comfortable cords are a must when you are on the go with your first aid kit, as that will set the tone for the rest of your trip/journey.

The cord you are using has to be secure to hold your first aid kit in place, and your hands will be free this way.

Below are a two types of cords available that you could use to carry your kit:

  • A Paracord 
  • Nylon cord

Let’s talk about these cords and their advantages in detail:

A Paracord

A cord that is very helpful in terms of strength - the paracord is exactly what a person would need if they were looking for a cord to carry their first aid kit.

It is not the type of cord that will damage in just one go, it is beneficial because:

  • It’s durable 
  • It’s strong 
  • It’s ideal for outdoor activities 
  • It’s secure

These are a few of the key benefits to remember in future if you are thinking about using a paracord.

There is a higher chance that the cord will be used for a long period of time since it is durable and has a stronger material compared to other cords.

Securing this cord to your first aid kit will be a total game changer, especially when it comes to outdoor activities.

Nylon Rope

An outdoor rope that is perfect for outdoor activities as well, the nylon rope is necessary for outdoor activities because it is:

  • Flexible 
  • Light-duty 
  • Strong

Having a good grip when carrying your first aid kit is crucial too, and this rope will guarantee this.

Using a very strong rope like nylon is a great idea, because it is practical and one of the best options there is available.

Related Questions:

Why is it important to have a waterproof bag?

When it comes to being prepared for emergencies, there’s no such thing as going too far.

This is because you never know what could happen, whether it’s on land or at sea.

The importance of a waterproof bag boils down to this fact: your supplies will be dry and secure - safe from any exposure.

The highlighted points on using a waterproof bag are:

  • Durability 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Foldable 
  • Lightweight

What kind of material should first aid kits be made from?

Our Survival Waterproof Dry Bag is one of a kind, for good reason - the bag is the all you need when there’s any outdoor activity concerned.

All our first aid kits are made out of 500D PVC mesh, along with a strong handle that will not let you down when you are out on a camping, fishing, or hiking trip.

It has been specifically designed with durability and the outdoors in mind, and quality is promised in all our first aid kits.


This article covered the best ways to carry a first aid kit, along with types of cords you can use to carry the kit with,

Always make sure to keep a first aid kit with you wherever you go.


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