A List of the Best Scissors for First Aid Kit

Medical scissors are a necessity in any first aid kit because they come in handy for any emergency situation that may arise. In this article, I will cover a list of the best scissors you need in your first aid kit. 

What kind of scissors is best for first aid?

Short Answer: Medical scissors are the best kind and exactly what you need for first aid, as they are specifically designed to cut through bandages. 

  • There are two types of stainless steel scissors used - lister bandage scissors and sharp point scissors
  • Paramedic shears are another type used to cut through leather or belts
  • Different sizes are available for kits 
  • Blunt scissors are used as well

Use of scissors in first aid 

An essential part of a first aid kit, scissors have a long list of uses when it comes emergency situations, for example:

  • To cut through bandages
  • To cut through seatbelts 
  • To cut through an injured persons clothes 
  • To remove dressings 
  • To dress a wound

To cut through bandages 

In these situations bandage scissors are used to cut through bandages that are already in place, and replace it with a fresh new bandage. 

These bandages will have to be changed to prevent an infection from occurring, which could be painful. 

Cutting through these bandages may be during emergency situations where the victim may be bleeding profusely.

To cut through seatbelts 

Several accidents have been reported where people were stuck with their seatbelts on, unable to remove it. 

This has resulted in paramedics having to cut it open with tuff scissors, generally used to cut through tougher materials. 

Seatbelts need to be cut through with a strong pair of scissors, as a dull scissor will not be able to cut through properly.

To cut through an injured persons clothes 

Paramedics will have to cut through an injured person's clothes if the need arises, during times when it is a casualty that’s serious. 

Cutting away the injured person's clothes will make it easier for the paramedic to access the casualty. 

Being able to access the casualty will prevent any other potential complications as a result.

To dress a wound 

Dressing a wound requires scissors to cut the bandage before wrapping it around the injured area. 

To remove dressings 

Scissors remove dressings that need to be changed after a few days and on a regular basis to make sure that the wound does not get infected.

It will have to be removed in a way that does not damage the wound itself, because if that happens it will be problematic. 

Medical scissors have been specifically designed to cut through bandages and wounds.


What are the sharpest medical scissors used in first aid?

When it comes to sharp medical scissors, there are a few notable ones that you will need in your first aid kit, they are:

  • Tuff scissors
  • Sharp point scissors 
  • Surgical scissors

Let’s take a look at some of the sharpest medical scissors a first aid kit needs: 

Tuff Scissors 

These scissors have a moulded tip and a hooked lower blade, similar to a bandage scissor. 

  • They are stainless steel 
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Cuts through plaster, gauze, belts and more 
  • High impact handles 
  • Sturdy handles

Tuff scissors are a must have in any kind of medical situation since they are able to cut through practically everything. 

Stainless Sharp point scissors 

Found in any medical room or first-aid room, these scissors are indispensable in any emergency situation. 

It can cut through bandages that are more thicker, along with tape and dressings. 

Additionally, other points on these scissors include the following:

  • Durable 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Easy to disinfect 
  • Hygienic

Surgical Scissors

Surgery consists of a long list of surgical procedures, and these scissors are specifically designed for these procedures. 

Surgical scissors are made in different combinations that fit a certain procedure:

  • Curved blades 
  • Bent blades 
  • Sharp blades
  • Blunt blades

They can cut through a number of things, which include:

  • Sutures 
  • Deeper layers of skin 
  • Removing wound dressings

Are small scissors important in first aid?

Yes, they are just as important to have in a first aid kit because they are:

  • Easy to carry around since they are small in size 
  • Practical and easy to use 
  • No deterioration

Since they are small in size they are much easier to carry portable first aid kits anywhere. 

Effortlessly being able to cut through the toughest of materials, and resisting stickiness of glue or tape are both advantages too. 

Practical and easy to use, their importance lies in the fact that doctors, nurses, and surgeons all use these ‘care scissors’, for both medical and emergency situations. 

With two blades, one having a sharp point and the other being a rounded tip it is able to cut dressings cleanly and smoothly.

They are comfortable to hold, with a good grip on both the left and right hand

Having them in your first aid kit is something that you should never forget, as you may need them when you least expect it.

Do all first aid kits contain medical scissors?

Yes, all first aid kits include medical scissors, as I mentioned earlier they are quite an essential component of any first aid kit. 

They can come in handy during any type of medical emergency since they are multi-purpose, useful for many reasons. 

A first aid kit would definitely be incomplete without a pair of medical scissors, and some people not only keep one pair, but actually three pairs for extra precaution. 

Having multiple pairs of scissors at hand is ideal for instances where more than one person is being treated.

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Related Questions:

Are scissors safe to use in medical emergencies?

Yes, they are perfectly alright to use in any medical emergency, because they are used to:

  • Cut open clothes to access an injury
  • Remove bandages 
  • Cut through seatbelts

They are more than safe - considering that scissors save people’s lives in most instances where they are trapped and unable to break free.

Where can I buy medical scissors?

Medical scissors are available at any pharmacy, or they are included in a first aid kit if you are interested in purchasing one.

Prices will vary depending on the make of the medical scissor, especially the quality. 

We stock a range of first aid KITs on our website, you can find more information about our first aid KITs here.


One of the most useful first aid tools, medical scissors are a necessity to have.

You now know which are the sharpest ones to own, and their individual uses which I have mentioned in the article.


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